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CFP: New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe Special Issue: Centre and Periphery in the First World War

NZJRE Special Issue: Centre and Periphery in the First World War

Guest Editor: Associate Professor Maartje Abbenhuis (The University of Auckland)

Deadline for Submission: 15 February 2016

The First World War started in Europe, and quickly spread to encompass large parts of the world. Throughout the war, European Powers used their territorial possessions outside Europe as rich sources of material and manpower. Most of the warring parties, from Britain to the Ottoman Empire, made extensive use of their citizens and subjects from around the globe in their war efforts. This mass participation of soldiers and labourers from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australasia in the war in Europe, either of their own free volition or by coercion, both strengthened and complicated the link between the metropolitan centre and the periphery of each empire.

On the occasion of the First World War Centenary we invite authors to submit their manuscripts to this special issue of The New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe. The issue will be dedicated to the exploration of these relations between centre and periphery through the perspective of individuals and groups that took part in the First World War. Topics can touch upon any aspect of these relations, including: the hopes and motivations of rank-and-file soldiers, the decision-making process of officers and politicians, the encounters and experiences of soldiers and civilians throughout the war and their impact on the relationships between European Powers and their colonies and dominions around the world.

For more information, please contact Ayelet Zoran-Rosen ( For submission instructions and to see the journal’s style guide, please visit our website:

New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe Prize The Europe Institute offers a prize of 500NZ$ each year for the best article published in the Journal by an emerging scholar (whose PhD was earned up to five years before the time of submission). Please state if you are eligible and wish to be considered at the time you submit your article for consideration.


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